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Brilliant Features

Here are distinct fragrances of Data Usage Plus that worth paying attention to

  • Accurate Values

    Track all values at a glimpse. It helps to record internet data usage accurately to avoid paying excess monthly bill.

  • Notifications

    Periodic notifications inform you about percentage of data already used and also days remaining in billing cycle.

  • Detailed History

    Complete history of cellular and wifi data usage. It gives you data usage of each day in your billing cycle.

  • Elegant Design

    Simple and clean design, very easy to configure and use. Nothing will lead you away from the main essence of the app.

  • Handy Widget

    The widget gives you information about data usages in short and handy way with graphical representation.

  • Multi-Device

    The app is available on iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and also for Apple Watch.

OUR Benefits

  • 12 Types of Values

    All important values of data usage are divided in 12 types and 3 categories.

  • Stunning Pie-Charts

    Colorful pie-charts to indicate safe or danger zone, so you can easily monitor it.

  • Most Easy Settings

    User friendly and very less settings to eliminate multiple inputs to start using the app.

The Heart

• All important values at a glance.
• Monitor Cellular and Wi-Fi data in real time.
• Track your data usage history on daily basis.
• Predictive forecast and daily limits.
• Warnings, alerts and notifications.
• Simple and clean design, very easy to configure and use.

Data Usage Plus App will help you to track your device data usages. Use internet with the knowledge of cellular and wifi data usage you have already used in this billing cycle to stop paying excess monthly phone bill. No unnecessary scrolling. No more complicated settings, just enter few values and start using app.


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